About Saint Michael's College

It isn’t any one thing that defines us at Saint Michael’s College. It’s everything, together.

We’re a Catholic school that is welcoming to every faith background, culture, and identity. We believe in “faith in action,” which is why so many of our students participate in service.

We’re entirely residential, which means that all of our students live on campus all four years. We ensure that there is a vibrant engaged campus, with activities, clubs, and events, 7 days a week. Students at St. Mike’s are simply more engaged: with one another, with their classes, their faculty, with clubs, and with issues they care deeply about.

We are a liberal arts college. Students are encouraged, intellectually stimulated and inspired by a variety of disciplines in addition to their major. We believe in providing flexibility so that students can pursue a second major or multiple minors. Our students can explore more of what they are passionate about. We want our students to be better prepared not only for their first job, but for an employment marketplace that is constantly evolving.

Saint Michael’s location is the ideal place to attend college. We are just outside of Burlington, a quintessential beautiful college town located between Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains. But it is the scale of Burlington and Vermont that ensures everything is well within reach – from outdoor adventure, to working on restoring ecosystems, to meaningful internships and job opportunities.

Liberal Arts

A career-driven focus on a proven education

At Saint Michael's College we believe a comprehensive liberal arts education together with a flexible approach that allows students to pursue multiple academic interests gives students the best opportunity to succeed in a rapidly changing, complex world. Employers want graduates of liberal arts institutions who can see the larger picture, understand how cultures and disciplines are interconnected, and lead in ways large and small.

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Fully Residential

24-hour living and learning community

More than providing guaranteed housing, nearly 100 percent of students live on campus all four years. Students experience a vibrant, engaged place where learning and life changing experiences happen 7 days a week. Our fully residential campus means students will form life-long bonds with each other, building a career network and deep friendships that last long after graduation. Academic and student life programming are happening continuously, with lectures, films, alumni panels which students attend and take part in. When students want to explore nearby Burlington, Montreal, or try a new sport through the Adventure Sports Center, friends are nearby to share those experiences.

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Welcoming to all faiths and backgrounds

Saint Michael's was founded by Catholic Edmundite priests in 1904 who continue to believe that the Catholic intellectual tradition provides one of the best academic approaches for preparing individuals to succeed in life and become individuals with the character and will to help others. These Edmundites have built a community at Saint Michael's that welcomes students of all faiths to search for truth, explore their curiosity, and engage in ways of uplifting others.

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Welcome Home

Learn from the Saint Michael's community about some of what makes St. Mike's special.

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